My Thoughts on Poetry

This post is a bit different from my usual style as I will be discussing a type of literature, poetry. Although many people dislike poetry, I find it very interesting. Some of my favourite poets are Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, and Sandra Cisneros. There are a lot of different peotry styles such as haiku, free verse, and sonnets. There is another thing poetry is good for. Poetry slams. Oh yes, poetry slams. It’s like rap for nerds. Except that poetry sounds cooler than rap and can convey a stronger message. If you are interested in what I’m talking about, there is a youtube channel call Button Poetry  that has of filmed performances and there. There are some truly incredible videos on this channel and I think it’s worth checking out.

My all-time favourite poem would probably be Loose Woman  by Sandra Cisneros. I think that the message this poem conveys is truly empowering and is worth reading. Read with caution however, for not all of the words are entirely appropriate. My second favourite poem is The Raven  by Edgar Allen Poe. This poem is pretty famous, and for good reason too. The way that Poe words the poem is very interesting and the story that The Raven  tells is very intereting and is something that I would reccomend reading. If you don’t like poetry, you can do two things about it. 1: Ignore my words and go with your own opinion, or option 2: Take my words into consideration and read some poetry. THis is Lulu, signing out.

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