My Thoughts on Twilight

The book Twilight has some very different views. A lot of people find it a sweet and re-readable series, while others find it cringy and over-dramatic. I belong to the Ew, Twilight is Bad, school of thought. While I have read the books a couple of times, I don’t find them very enjoyable. The plot makes sense, but the character interactions are overwrought in my opinion. This is in no sense meant to be hate on the author, Stephenie Meyer might I add. I actually like a lot of her other books. For example, Stephenie Meyer wrote another book called The Host which I found to be an overall enjoyable book. It has a fun-to-follow plot and is something I would read again.

However, if I want to review Twilight, I have to review ALL of Twilight. That means the movies too. I have seen the Twilight movies more times than I can count. Not because I like them, but because my mother loves Twilight. I think the casting director Mary Woods made a great decision casting Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson as Bella and Edward. The actors portrayed the couple very accurately. I have little else to say about the series. I didn’t find it very enjoyable and I don’t think I’d recommend it for any aspiring readers. This is Lulu, signing off.

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